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"Telemedicine is another example of the blazing efficiency of the Internet.  Telemedicine is transforming the time-eating practice of going to the doctor's office by eliminating the 'going to the office' part." Source: Wyatt Andrews, CBS News

The TeleAtrics Connect™ system has been used successfully by the Health-e-Access Program to provide effective day-to-day health care, connecting schools and childcare centers with pediatric/family medical practices throughout the Rochester, NY area. These virtual visits between health care providers and children in daycare centers and schools are a cost effective alternative to trips to physicians' offices and emergency rooms.The ABC News story below reports that telehealth visits saved parents an average of 4.5 hours of missed work for each virtual visit and decreased children's health-related absences from school by 63%.

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Press Releases

Integrating Telemedicine in Urban Pediatric Primary Care: Provider Perspectives and Performance

Published April 2010 - Health-e-Access, a telemedicine model designed to improve access for acute illness episodes, enables children in childcare and elementary schools to be seen remotely by providers from their own primary care practice. Beginning in May 2001, Health-e-Access had enabled 6,511 telemedicine visits through April 2008. A 63% reduction in absence from childcare because of illness and the high levels of parent satisfaction followed introduction of Health-e-Access in inner-city childcare centers. In addition, children with access via telemedicine in childcare or elementary school had 22% fewer emergency department (ED) visits than those in a matched control group. Read the complete article

Innovative Programs in Telemedicine: The Value of On-Site Healthcare Delivery for Inner-City Children

An article, published in Telemedicine and e-Health, Vol. 15, No.7 in September, 2009, profiles the Health-e-Access telemedicine model that allows on-site acute care delivery to childcare centers, schools, or after-hours neighborhood locations by a child's primary care physician. The mission statement  of the program is clear: “Healthcare when and where you need it by providers you know and trust.” Its goals are an end to middle-of-the-night visits to the Emergency Department (ED) for minor ailments, less reliance on urgent care centers with treatment provided by the “doctor du jour,” and less missed work and family time for parents when their children do not feel well. Health-e-Access (HeA) is a telemedicine service that provides acute care primarily to inner-city children in Rochester, New York. It has delivered more than 7,000 patient visits in its 8-year history, and its success, in terms of replacing ED visits with telemedicine consults, has been documented in the medical literature.Read the complete article

Telemedicine Can Help Ease ED Overcrowding

This article, published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on June 29, 2009 was written in response to a previous article "Fixing Code Red" (6/28/09) that discussed the issue of overcrowding in emergency rooms. Rochester General, Strong Memorial, Unity and Highland hospitals in Monroe County, NY, combined have seen a 12 percent increase in emergency room visits over the past five years. The authors contend that although no single initiative will solve this crisis, telemedicine offers a fundamental fix. Telemedicine removes many of the barriers of time and space imposed by the usual healthcare encounter. Read the full article.

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