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“Appreciation quickly replaces skepticism among parents when their child’s ear infection is diagnosed and treated in daycare, allowing them to stay on the job. The opportunity to see images of their child’s ear drums – to understand why we decide this one is infected and that one is not – is a also a compelling experience.” Kenneth McConnochie, M.D., a pediatrician and founder of the Health-e-Access program

TeleAtrics Connect™ Pediatrics & Geriatrics

Originating Health Care Site screen ear infectionTeleAtrics Connect Pediatrics/Geriatrics versions are individually specialized installations of the TeleAtrics Connect system. In addition to the core set of features, each is tuned to gather a specific set of data to optimally serve a particular demographic.

The TeleAtrics Connect™ core system includes three components: the originating site(s), the health care provider site(s) and the Teleatrics™ secure server.

Originating (patient) Site Products and Services: The originating site (typically at a daycare facility, remote clinic or school) includes the necessary facilities to allow a patient to accomplish a “virtual house call” visit with a health care provider located at a remote location.

The TeleAtrics Connect™ system hardware and software are compliant with the necessary FDA and HIPAA requirements for this type and class of equipment and service.

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