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“Telemedicine also serves the ultimate objectives of insurers and the community – better quality care at a lower price. Typically, insurers have been wary of embracing the technology. fearing the convenience may lead parents to use medical care more often and drive up costs; but a community study from Rochester suggests the exact opposite – that in the long run, insurers actually would realize cost savings – more than $14 per child per year in that local community.” - Source: University of Rochester Medical Center Press Release, May 6, 2008

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TeleAtrics™ Information BrochureAdobe Reader
Connecting patients with their healthcare team - Explanation of how Teleatrics™ works; Information about the originating site (childcare center/school) and the doctor's location; Chart of the Teleatrics™ System Architecture

Telehealth Solution OverviewAdobe Reader
Teleatrics™ is a telemedicine solution created to enable telehealth interactions between clinicians (physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) and patients. Telehealth services encompass diagnosis, treatment, and information exchange with the clinician and patient in different locations, facilitated by telecommunications and information technology. The Teleatrics solution provides clinicians and patient groups (childcare centers, schools, community centers, nursing homes, etc.) with an integrated telemedicine package of processes, training, software and computer services to engage in personable and effective healthcare encounters over the Internet. Designed by pediatricians, the Childcare and School Edition of the software is a proven product having facilitated thousands of telehealth encounters. These “virtual house calls” provide timely medical support without the provider or patients leaving their locations. “Convenient Care” and “Senior Care” versions of the system are in development.

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